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EGR Textbooks 2017 Spring: Textbooks

Where do I get my Textbooks?

Textbooks are not included in tuition costs.  You will need to purchase a copy of the course textbook if you want your own, private copy.  (See the purchase options included below.)

The WSU Library may have a copy of the textbook on course reserve for you to share with your fellow students.  Some textbooks are available as eBooks.  Consult the list on the right.  

Course reserve textbooks may be used in the library for 2 hours at a time.  Ask for course reserve textbooks at the first floor circulation desk.

Textbook Purchase Options

Purchase a new textbook, a used textbook, or share a textbook with a small group.  Options include:

EGR Textbook List 2017 Spring

Get the most accurate list of required and recommended textbooks from your professor's syllabus.  This list does NOT include suplemental readings.

EGR 1010: Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications (and Laboratory/Recitation)

EGR 1900: Exploring Engineering Internships

EGR 1980: Special Topics in Engineering (and Recitation)

EGR 2940: Engineering and Computer Science Internship 1

EGR 3350: Technical Communications for Engineers and Computer Scientists

EGR 3940: Engineering and Computer Science Internship 2

EGR 4940: Engineering and Computer Science Internship 3

EGR 4980: Special Topics in Engineering

EGR 6940: Engineering and Computer Science Internship

EGR 7010: Applied Linear Techniques

EGR 7020: Systems Engineering and Analysis

EGR 7030: Computational Engineering Analysis

EGR 7040: Design Optimization

EGR 7050: Design Analysis of Engineering Experiments

EGR 7910: MEIE Team Project

EGR 7920: MEIE Team Project II

EGR 8910: PhD Seminar

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