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What is a Primary Source?

primary source is a rare, one of a kind item typically created by an eyewitness to an event. Letters, diaries, photographs, business records, church records, organizational records, and family papers are considered primary sources. 

Secondary sources are published materials that often use primary sources for the background research. Books, journal articles, magazines, and blogs are considered secondary. 

Special Collections & Archives

Special Collections & Archives collects and preserves material related to the Wright Brothers, aviation, the history of the Miami Valley, and Wright State University. Our Miami Valley materials dates back to the early 1800s and includes letters, diaries, family records, business records, photographs, and so much more. In addition, we collect local government records for 11 counties in central, southwest Ohio. The county materials often include the county children's home, county home (infirmary), common pleas court, probate court, sheriff, and township/city records. Please visit the SC&A web site for more information on the archives and collections. 

Suffrage Collections Available on CORE Scholar

Several of the suffrage related collections held by SC&A have been digitized and are available on CORE Scholar, the University Libraries' institutional repository. Listed below you will find a description and link to each collection, or portion of a collection, that has been digitized. Items on CORE Scholar can be downloaded and used for papers, projects, and presentations. Please see the Citation Box below for information on how to properly cite material from SC&A.

Katharine Kennedy Brown Voting for the first time in 1920

Other Ohio History Resources


Be sure to always check with your professor on the preferred citation required for your paper. Purdue OWL is another great tool for citation information. Here are several examples of citations using the photograph of Katharine Kennedy Brown Voting (see above photo).

Katharine Kennedy Brown Papers (MS-146), Special Collections & Archives, Wright State University.

"Photograph of Katharine Kennedy Brown Voting," 1920, Box 82, File 1, MS-146, Katharine Kennedy Brown Papers, Special Collections & Archives, Wright State University.

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