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NUR 3200 - Health, Wellness, and Diversity Within Families: Books

Librarian-recommended resources to help you with your assignments for NUR 3200.


For an overview or background information on various aspects of your culture, the online encyclopedias linked in this center column are a good place to start.  For books or book chapters that address your population's culture or history, try the catalog search blank in the box at the very bottom of this column. 

Note: A catalog search will also retrieve nursing and clinical books and eBooks if there are any on your topic or focus area.

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Cultures and Countries: eBooks-Good for Background Information

Cities: eBooks-Good for Background Information

Online Subject Encyclopedias-Good for Background Information

These are collections of subject specific online encyclopedias.  Unlike World Book, Britannica, or Wikipedia, they usually cover subjects based on their relevance to a very specific concept or frame of reference rather than trying to address the topic broadly over multiple areas of interest.  For instance, all the entries in the Encyclopedia of World Poverty (2006) would be written to address some aspect of poverty or socioecomomic status, rather than trying to address the topics in very broad and sometimes unrelated ways.

Subject encyclopedias are scholarly sources.

Books: Catalog Search-Dunbar Library & Affiliates

Search the catalog:

Advanced Catalog Search


Books to Help with your cultural assessment assignments:

List  of books that in the WSU catalog address culture, ethnicity, and/or family.  Limited to 2007-present.  


  • You may want to click on the title of the book to view the table of contents.  It is not always obvious from the book title that they will be relevant to cultural and/or family assessment.
  • This is still a very long list. Adding more specific keywords to the search will shorten the list.

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