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ENG 2100 - Research Writing and Argumentation: 3b. Find Popular Articles

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How do I get the full text of the article?

When searching for journal articles, you will notice the Find it button on many of your search results. Clicking on the Find it button will open a menu page which will show you where you can find the full-text of the article.

What are the advantages of using newspaper and magazine articles as sources?

News and magazine articles give you a journalist's perspective including the facts of who, what, where, when, why and how. 

Popular Sources

Also known as general interest magazines.  You'll find many of these in the aisle at the grocery store.

Examples: National Geographic,  Sports Illustrated, Time

Purpose & Value:  To provide current news and events to the general public with intention to entertain or persuade. Good source for popular culture.

Authors: Journalists or free-lance writers.

Language: Non-technical, often simple, language

Sources: May refer to sources but not cited in full.

Publishers: Commercial/trade publishers

Appearance:  Brief articles.  Photographs and illustrations. Lots of color. Extensive ads for general public.

Search QuickSearch

After you search with your keywords in the box below, click on "magazines" in the left column in the results list to find popular articles.

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