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ENG 2100 - Research Writing and Argumentation: 5a. Citation Help

Need Help?

There are all kinds of online citation generators.  Why do I need to know how to cite my sources?

Online citation generators (like those listed to the right of this box) are useful to create a ROUGH DRAFT of your citation.  Any time you rely on a computer to generate a citation for you, you still need to double-check it. Errors appear 9 times out of 10. Often the citation generators miscapitalize or mispunctuate citations, and they often do not indent.  You are responsible for making sure that your citation is correct. 

Citation Generators

Selected citation applications. 

EasyBib:  EasyBib is a free browser-based tool for creating citations and entire bibliographies.  Users can input references in order to create automated citations and make a bibliography.  Users also have options to manually supply reference information or search EasyBib for their reference to create an automated citation.

Zotero:  Firefox addon that collects, manages, and cites research sources. It's easy to use, lives in your web browser where you do your work, and best of all it's free.  Zotero allows you to attach PDFs, notes and images to your citations, organize them into collections for different projects, and create bibliographies.

Citation Machine: Enter basic info like the title, author, publisher, type of work, and Citation Machine will give you your citation in whatever format you require.

BibMe: BibMe will format your bibliography for MLA, APA, Chicago or Turabian, then export it all to Microsoft Word for easy insertion into a research paper.  You can format your citation for books, journals, newspapers, periodicals, the web, whatever you need. It has an autofill function to save time.

Warning:  Always double-check citations generated by software or computers.  Errors are often present.  You are responsible for fixing them.

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