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Plagiarism- How to avoid: Revising, proofreading, and finalizing your paper

tips for avoiding plagiarism
(content is from Best Practices for Research and Drafting section in Purdue University's Avoiding Plagiarism guide)


Turnitin is software that the university subscribes to that detects potential plagiarism. It  will generate a “similarity” score that indicates the percentage of the student’s paper that matches the vast content in Turnitin’s database. Your professor can add a dropbox in Pilot for this tool so that you can use it.

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Revising, proofreading, and finalizing your paper

  • Proofread and cross-check with your notes and sources to make sure that anything coming from an outside source is acknowledged in some combination of the following ways:

    • In-text citation, otherwise known as parenthetical citation

    • Footnotes or endnotes

    • Bibliography, References, or Works Cited pages

    • Quotation marks around short quotes; longer quotes set off by themselves, as prescribed by a research and citation style guide

    • Indirect quotations: citing a source that cites another source

    • If you have any questions about citation, ask your instructor well in advance of your paper's due date, so if you have to make any adjustments to your citations, you have the time to do them well

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