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tips for avoiding plagiarism
(content is from Best Practices for Research and Drafting section in Purdue University's Avoiding Plagiarism guide)


Turnitin is software that the university subscribes to that detects potential plagiarism. It  will generate a “similarity” score that indicates the percentage of the student’s paper that matches the vast content in Turnitin’s database. Your professor can add a dropbox in Pilot for this tool so that you can use it.

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Most students, of course, don't intend to plagiarize. In fact, most realize that citing sources actually builds their credibility for an audience and even helps writers to better grasp information relevant to a topic or course of study. Mistakes in citation and crediting can still happen, so here are certain practices that can help you not only avoid plagiarism, but even improve the efficiency and organization of your research and writing.

~Information throughout this Research Guide is taken from Safe Practices from Purdue's Online writing Lab.

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