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Plagiarism- How to avoid: Interviewing and conversing

tips for avoiding plagiarism
(content is from Best Practices for Research and Drafting section in Purdue University's Avoiding Plagiarism guide)


Turnitin is software that the university subscribes to that detects potential plagiarism. It  will generate a “similarity” score that indicates the percentage of the student’s paper that matches the vast content in Turnitin’s database. Your professor can add a dropbox in Pilot for this tool so that you can use it.

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Interviewing and conversing

  • Take lots of thorough notes; if you have any of your own thoughts as you're interviewing, mark them clearly

  • If your subject will allow you to record the conversation or interview (and you have proper clearance to do so through an Institutional Review Board, or IRB), place your recording device in an optimal location between you and the speaker so you can hear clearly when you review the recordings. Test your equipment, and bring plenty of backup batteries and media.

  • If you're interviewing via email, retain copies of the interview subject's emails as well as the ones you send in reply

  • Make any additional, clarifying notes immediately after the interview has concluded

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