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NUR 2124 - Transition to Professional Nursing Role for Unlicensed Healthcare Providers: Find Books and Articles

Practice Generating Search Terms

Possible terms for book and article searching

Look at the role transition paper grading rubric and use the topics required for your paper to help you  generate your search terms. This is not an exhaustive list, but examples include:

  • nurs* role
  • "role change" or "role transition" (using quotes ensures that the words get searched as an exact phrase)
  • nursing profession* (catalog keyword search)
  • change theory and role theory
  • professional transition* or occupational transition*
  • professional practice and nursing
  • registered nurse*
  • nursing vocational guidance
  • career mobility (catalog search on Career Mobility  as a Medical Subject Heading - because it is a medical subject heading, the books found relate to healthcare fields)

[* is a truncation symbol, which will help get variations on the endings of words.  Examples: nurs* gets nurse, nurses, or nursing

theor* gets theory, theories, or theoretical]

Try different combinations of them.  Can you come up with other relevant terms or synonyms?  Hint:  In the article databases, look at the "Subjects" listed under the article citations.  In the catalog, under the "Details" tab, look at the linked "Subjects" and/or "Medical Subjects".

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Subject Encyclopedias - good for definitions and an overview of a concept (background information)

Nursing & Healthcare Roles and Role Transitions

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Find Articles for Role Transition Paper

There are several available options for finding the required elements of information.  You will need to draw your information from multiple sources because these sources tend to vary in the level of detail they offer.  Many of you probably will not find a pre-existing source that compares your current role to the role of a professional nurse.  As the research/writer, it is your responsibility to select several relevant sources that support your own ideas about the role transition and synthesize them in a coherent way.

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If you use the Find It button and there is no full text, you can request the article for free through interlibrary loan.

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