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NUR 3200 - Health, Wellness, and Diversity Within Families: General Tips

Librarian-recommended resources to help you with your assignments for NUR 3200.

Challenges about researching cultures and ethnic groups (and research in general)

Searching takes time and involves some trial and error, so don’t expect to find what you need in 5 minutes.  If you have taken some time to search and tried some of the strategies outlined on this guide, but you still are not making progress, please ask for help.  

E-mail is the most reliable way to reach me promptly (

Be aware of the following:

  • It is more difficult to find scholarly articles about some ethnic groups and cultures than about others.  For some groups, very few scholarly articles exist . 
    • As broad, multidisciplinary search tools, QuickSearch and JSTOR are sometimes useful for finding scholarly articles about ethnicity and culture, but be aware that culture-related articles tend to be older.  This may be OK, as this kind of information does not normally change very quickly, unlike most healthcare-related information. If you having trouble finding sources within the date range you need, ask for help.
    • Find links to QuickSearch, JSTOR and others under the "Articles - Culture/Religion/Ethnicity" tab of this guide.


  • The term culture may be too broad to get useful results.  In many cases, searching words that represent more specific aspects of culture may be better. (Examples include but are not limited to language/interpersonal communication/non-verbal communication/body language, customs, personal space, etc.).  See the "Culture/Ethnicity Article" tab for more search term suggestions.


  • Make sure you understand the requirements of your assignment.  Re-read the syllabus and the grading rubric (if available) to be clear about what kinds of sources are acceptable.
    • You may need to use professional nursing articles as sources for parts of your assignment, but depending on the ethnic group you are assigned, there may not be any articles specifically from nursing journals on your assigned ethnic group or culture.  However, there may be other credible sources available. (Email the nursing librarian for help).


  • You will have to synthesize information from multiple sources to address the various questions required of you.  It is highly unlikely that you will find a single source that provides an overview of all the information you need.  Even if you do, simply paraphrasing or summarizing information from a single existing source is not research.  Researchers need to make their own connections from among various sources and synthesize that information into a coherent whole.



General Tips about searching

  • Brainstorm for synonyms and other relevant terms even before you start to search.
  • Try different combinations of your keywords.
  • Take time to read the abstracts of some of your article search results to determine if the full article would be useful.  You cannot always tell just by looking at the article title.
  • Keep an eye out for other relevant terms you might be able to use in your search.  These are often found in the subject terms and the article abstract.
  • In CINAHL and in QuickSearch, search limiters are on the left side of the page after you run your search.
  • Consider applying the English language limiter and a date limiter if your results must be within a certain date range.  However, culture-related articles may not always fall within a 5 or 10 year date range.
  • In most of our databases (and the catalog), he asterisk (*) picks up variations on word endings.  For example, therap* gets therapy, therapies, therapeutic, or therapeutics.
  • It’s generally a good idea to get into the habit of selecting the “Scholarly (Peer-reviewed) Journals” limit when you need to find articles, as faculty generally expect you to use scholarly sources as opposed to news or general interest sources -- unless the assignment specifically calls for you to use a variety of  sources written for different audiences, including the general public.
  • Please be aware that if you limit to scholarly/peer-reviewed journals (in QuickSearch) or peer-reviewed journals (in CINAHL), it will eliminate books from your search.
  • Books could be very valuable sources for these assignments, but there are not necessarily many ebook options so using books for an online class would require coming to the Dunbar Library at Wright State or using OhioLINK’s pick up anywhere option to pick up books at another OhioLINK library. 

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