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NUR 3300 - Foundations of Research and Evidence-Based Practice: * Search Videos - PsycINFO

Librarian-recommended resources to help you find the best available evidence.


The CENTER column contains videos and other content to help you with your search.  Please scroll down to see all available content. Links to the library databases are along the left side. For most clinical questions, it is important to search CINAHL and PubMed at mininum. If you have a psychology or mental health-related question/topic, it is also a good idea to search PsycINFO.

Database Links - Appropriate Library Databases for a Literature Review

When searching for individual research studies in healthcare, CINAHL and PubMed should be used. CINAHL is the major database for nursing and allied health literature.  PubMed is a way to search MEDLINE, the major database of literature in the biomedical sciences.

Google and Google Scholar are NOT sufficient for doing a good literature search in health care, although you can use Google Scholar to supplement your searches in subject specific databases.

Contents in this column

This column contains 1 text box and 3 videos.  All 3 videos are recommended if you have a psychology or mental health-related topic. If your topic is NOT mental health-related, PsycINFO will NOT contain relevant information.

Scope of PsycINFO

Because PsycINFO emphasizes psychology, counseling, mental health, and related fields, it is NOT an appropriate database to search for every clinical question.  There would be very little, if anything, available on the breast feeding duration and exclusivity question.  However, if your question were about interventions for smoking cessation, for example,  it would be very appropriate.  If you are uncertain if literature relating to your question would be indexed in PsycINFO, ask your professor or your librarian.

This page provides general videos from the American Psychological Association about how to use the features in PsycINFO, but it does NOT illustrate how to search on a specific PICO question.  However, you could use the same keyword method illustrated for the other databases.


Mental Health-related topics only - Sample PsycINFO Search and How (and Why) to Use the APA Thesaurus When Searching PsycINFO via EBSCOhost

You can preform a keyword/phrase search of PsycINFO using the PICO elements of your question as the search concepts, but you could also make your search more relevant by using subject headings for each aspect of your PICO question.    

Although keyword and phrase searching often works well for PICO questions, it may not be enough to identify all the most relevant and current evidence for every clinical question or topic.  You may have to do a subject headings search.

This video demonstrates how to search the PsycINFO indexing terms (also known as the thesaurus).  This process performs the same function as using CINAHL Subject Headings in CINAHL or Medical Subject Headings in PubMed, although the indexing terms used from database to database can vary even if you are searcing the same topic.

Mental health-related topics only - Using the Methodology Limiter in PsycINFO on EBSCOHost

Demonstrates ways to limit to specific types of research methodologies in PsycINFO.

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