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NUR 3300 - Foundations of Research and Evidence-Based Practice: * Search Videos - PubMed

Librarian-recommended resources to help you find the best available evidence.


The CENTER column contains videos and other content to help you with your search.  Please scroll down to see all available content. Links to the library databases are along the left side. For most clinical questions, it is important to search CINAHL and PubMed at mininum. If you have a psychology or mental health-related question/topic, it is also a good idea to search PsycINFO.

Database Links - Appropriate Library Databases for a Literature Review

When searching for individual research studies in healthcare, CINAHL and PubMed should be used. CINAHL is the major database for nursing and allied health literature.  PubMed is a way to search MEDLINE, the major database of literature in the biomedical sciences.

Google and Google Scholar are NOT sufficient for doing a good literature search in health care, although you can use Google Scholar to supplement your searches in subject specific databases.

What is MEDLINE?

MEDLINE is a comprehensive medical and health science literature database from the National Library of Medicine, including access to references from nursing journals.  MEDLINE is accessible from a variety of interfaces, including PubMed. 

Wright State also has access to a MEDLINE interface through EBSCOHost.  However, it is suggested that you use PubMed because the content is updated more frequently and because, as a government resource, the PubMed interface is available to the public.  Thus, the search interface will be available to you even if in the future, you are not affiliated with Wright State.

Note: Not everything in PubMed meets MEDLINE's indexing criteria or content scope, as indicated in the "How are they different?" link above.  If you want to search only the MEDLINE subset of PubMed, combine AND medline[sb] with your other search elements. See link below for more information about searching citation status subsets in PubMed.

Full-Text in PubMed

When viewing your search results in PubMed, you will see this Find It  link on the abstract page or full view of the citation.  This link will allow you to determine whether Wright State has full text subscription access or if you have to request the article using Interlibrary loan. 

Often, in addition to the gold Find It icon, there will be publisher icons.  Wright State may or may not have subscription access to those publishers, whereas the Find It link provides Wright State-specific information.

About these tutorials

These tutorials were produced by the National Library of Medicine and therefore do not follow the PICO(T) question example used in the Cochrane Library and CINAHL videos.  However, you can use the methods demonstrated below to search your specific PICO(T) question.  If you encounter problems with your search, please email Ximena about your topic/PICO(T) question or schedule a phone, online chat, or WebEx appointment using the schedule appointment button on the right under Ximena's profile photograph.

In this column, there are a total of 6 tutorials. The first tutorial, Using PubMed in Evidence-Based Practice is recommended, as are the first 2 videos.  The last 3 videos are optional. 

Training Course (from the NLM): Using PubMed in Evidence-Based Practice

NLM PubMed Interactive Tutorial: Find Articles on a Topic (approximate length: 1:00)

Find Articles on a Topic: Interactive Tutorial

Tutorial credit: U.S. National Library of Medicine

NLM PubMed Interactive Tutorial: PubMed Subject Search: How It Works (approximate length: 4:00)

PubMed Subject Search: How It Works

Tutorial credit: U.S. National Library of Medicine

OPTIONAL - NLM PubMed Interactive Tutorial: Find the Latest Treatments for a Disease or Disorder (Clinical Queries)

[video title slide] PubMed: Find the Latest Treatments for a Disease or Disorder

Tutorial Credit: U.S. National Library of Medicine

OPTIONAL - NLM Tutorial: Use MeSH to Build a Better PubMed Query-from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (length: 3:02)

This video demonstrates how to use the MeSH Database to build your own PubMed search using Medical Subject Headings. Although this tutorial shows Legacy PubMed, the MeSH Database is the same, whether you access it from the current PubMed or Legacy PubMed.

Tutorial Credit: National Center of Biotechnology Information

OPTIONAL - NLM PubMed Tutorial: What is in PubMed? (approximate length: 3:00)

What is in PubMed?

Tutorial credit: U.S. National Library of Medicine

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