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BIO 2310 Evolution and Ecology: Home

Locate an Assigned Article to Read

Let’s assume you have been assigned to read the following article:
Wright, A., Schnitzer, S. & Reich, P. (2014). Living close to your neighbors: the importance of both competition and facilitation in plant communities. Ecology, 95(8), 2213-2223.

How would you find it?
Use the University Libraries website, eJournals search.  Determine if electronic access is available for the journal Ecology, for year 2014, issue 95.

Practice Exercise 1

Locate this article using the University Libraries website:  
Rooney, T. & Leach, M. (2010). Replacing hay-mowing with prescribed fire restores species diversity and conservation value in a tallgrass prairie sampled thrice: a 59-year study. American Midland Naturalist, 164(2), 311-321.

What URL would you use in your bibliography?

[Show the instructor the URL you would use.]

Locate Research Articles by Topic

You might have heard of scholarly peer-reviewed articles. But what does it mean?
Watch this explanation video:

Let’s assume your professor wants you to research the following topic: 
What general biogeographical patterns exist in fungi?

Your search phrase should look like this:

  • “ ” Quotation marks ensure that your search will find articles containing the exact phrase,  BIOGEOGRAPHICAL PATTERN. 
  • * Truncation (or wildcard) allows you to search for variations of a word that begin with the same letters, the stem of several words.
    Example:  FUNG* will find articles mentioning any of these words: FUNGI, FUNGUS, FUNGAL.

Databases you can use to locate research articles for this lab class:

Practice Exercise 2

Use QuickSearch and Science Citation Index Expanded.  

Locate research articles for the following topic: examine the competitive behavior between fire ants and Argentine ants.  

What should your search phrase look like?

[If you are in a class session write down your search strategy on the provided index card.]

Other Databases

Databases you can use to locate research articles for BIO classes at the 3000 and 4000 level:

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