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Dayton Holocaust Resource Center

Find resource listings that can guide your classroom activities. This collection includes videos, articles, and teacher resources for K-16 classrooms.

What is in the Dayton Holocaust Resource Center (DHRC)?

The Dayton Holocaust Resource Center (DHRC) collection was gifted from the Frydman family and is housed within the Charles and Renate Frydman Educational Resource Center (ERC). It includes teaching materials such as curriculum guides, films, audiobooks, and kits about the Holocaust, genocides, racism, and bullying.

For more information about using the collection, visit the Wright State University Libraries' DHRC information page.

This resource guide provides those interested in the DHRC collection with an understanding of what materials are available and inspiration for utilizing the resources in a classroom!

The Dayton Holocaust Resource Center's permanent exhibit, Prejudice & Memory: A Holocaust Exhibit, is located in the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

child with raised hands at gun point with mother and other Jewish victims

Photograph taken during the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising, a young boy holds his hands over his head while a Nazi soldier points a gun in the young boys' direction.


Select one of the topics within the Dayton Holocaust Resource Center's scope to find resources by age group and details about what information is included in each topic.

Each age group's page will have resources by format: print, related-teacher resources, audio-visual, and related websites or articles.

  • Holocaust: Hitler, Nazi Germany, medical experimentation, Kristallnacht, the Kindertransport, propaganda, resistance movements, and the Nuremberg Trials
  • Survivors: narratives from survivors
  • Concentration Camps: resources about specific concentration camps during WWII and other concentration, death, or labor camps
  • Genocide: resources about modern genocides
  • Bullying: resources about bullying
  • Racism: persecuted groups, anti-semitism, and teaching tolerance and understanding

University Libraries' Catalog Searching

Visit the University Libraries' Catalog to search for DHRC resources by selecting Dayton Holocaust Resource Center from the drop-down box list to the left of the Search button.

Enter search terms in the middle search bar with keywords related to the holocaust. Some terms to try:

  • holocaust
  • concentration camp*
  • genocide*
  • bully* OR bullie*
  • racis*
  • world war, etc.

Wright State University Database Searching

This guide includes tips, tricks, and techniques for conducting successful database searches.

  • Using Boolean Operators as a way to narrow or broaden your search:

AND: use to combine different concepts or keywords; each result will contain all search terms

Example: race AND holocaust

OR: use to connect similar concepts or keywords; each result will contain at least one of the search terms

Example: holocaust OR genocide

Quotation Marks " ": place around phrases to search for words in that exact order or with that exact spelling

Example: "concentration camp"

Parentheses ( ): place around related terms to search for more than one group of keywords

Example: (holocaust OR genocide) AND race

 Asterisk *: use at the end of a keyword to search words that start with the same letters

Example: holocaust AND (bully* OR bullie*)

Database Suggestion: