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Who are Survivors?

The overwhelming majority of the victims of the Holocaust died in the gas chambers at the extermination camps. A small minority did leave the camps alive. These survivors resettled throughout the world, often in Israel and North America.

Smith, P. (2017). Holocaust: PTSD in survivors and those who survive the survivors. In P. Joseph (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of war: Social science perspectives (Vol. 1, pp. 797-800). SAGE Publications, Inc.,

  • During the reign of Adolf Hitler, approximately 6 million Jews and millions of others were murdered in ghettos, concentration camps, and extermination or forced labor camps.



  • After Adolf Hitler took power, an estimated 37,000 Jews emigrated from Germany in 1933 after the Nazi takeover in January that year (Holocaust Encyclopedia).


  • The true number of deaths and imprisonments will never be known due to the burning of camp and ghetto records prior to liberation by Allied forces.


jewish victims of national socialism: 2/3 jews died in europe 34 gold persons represent jews that died; 16 white persons that represent jews that survived

Infographic to show the number of European Jews that died by the end of World War II due to national socialism.

The gold persons represent the 2/3 of European Jewish population that died, and the white persons represent the 1/3 of the population that survived.

Discussion Question

How can learning from individuals who experienced the Holocaust teach us about history?

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