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Horizons in Medicine: Verify and Evaluate

This guide is for students in the Horizons in Medicine program at Wright State. It includes links to some of the best resources for completing your research project.

Stanford History Education Group: Click Restraint

Online Verification Skills Videos - Mike Caulfield

Videos: How to Read Scholarly Articles

Scholarly Sources Evaluation - Questions to Ask

  • WHO is behind the information​
    • Who provided the funds for the research study and is there any conflict of interest
    • Who actually completed the study or performed the research
  • WHAT is the peer-review process of the journal or article​
  • WHEN was it published​
    • What were the political, socio-economic, religious, etc. conditions at the time of the research
  • WHERE did their evidence come from​
    • Citation tracking
  • WHY was the information shared​
  • HOW does the information fit within the context of your topic

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