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Your guide to voting resources


About This Guide

This guide contains resources to help college students educate themselves about the national, state and local candidates and issues during this Presidential election year. The fact-checking sources, in particular, included in this guide have been identified as nonpartisan and neutral from the following credible authorities:

Other resources, such as candidate web sites and party platforms, which are clearly NOT nonpartisan, are included since it is important to hear directly from the candidates and parties about their backgrounds and where they stand on the issues.

Register to Vote

First things first, you'll need to register to vote. Register before October 9 in order to vote in the 2018 Midterm Election.

Find Your Polling Place

Great! You're registered! Now you need to know where to vote.  Can't make it to the polls on election day?  Request an absentee ballot (see link below).

Mark Your Calendar

Do Your Homework

1. Use the resources contained in this guide to research the candidates and issues at national, state and local levels.

2. View your ballot (see link below) prior to arriving at the polls or voting absentee so you know your choices in advance and you can study the candidates or different sides of the issue.

Questions? Ask your librarian!