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CHM 3190 - Chemical Literature and Composition: Journals

This guide contains relevant links to information resources, in-class exercises, out of class assignments, and supplemental materials for the chemical information literacy sessions of CHM 3190.

More Information Resources for...

Scientific Communication Resource

DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

From's Key Facts on Digital Object Identifier System (under the heading Scope):

Citation Contamination or Citation Pollution

Is This Journal Reputable? How to Avoid Citing Predatory or Questionable Publishers and Journals

The Peer Review Process (American Chemical Society)

Handouts for Journals Class Session

Is this journal reputable? - Think, check, submit.

The intended audience of this video is researchers selecting a journal in which to publish, but  you should also use this same process when deciding whether a journal is reputable before you cite it.  Obviously, you still need to evaluate any individual article you use to ensure that the methods and conclusions in it are sound and logical, but use caution in order to avoid citing articles published in questionable or predatory journals.

Evaluating Journals

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