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ENG 1030 - Advanced Writing - ESL (Velazquez): Home

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1. Choose Your Search Terms

Start your search with one term (keyword), such as ESL. This will let you see if your resource uses that term.  Then add more terms to narrow your search. As you search, try to think of as many closely related words as you can and search for articles with those words as well. For example, you might want to search for ESL and Internet use, then you might want to try ESL and Internet use in education.

General phrases tend to give more results. Consider that the language used by the databases might not be the same language you or your article would use.

You could also try searches for the specific problems mentioned in your reading, such as Internet access or computer anxiety.

For help generating keywords for your topic, try our Ask a Librarian service or use the Email Me button.

2. Find magazine articles and scholarly articles

These databases can be searched individually or at the same time. Each individual database is linked separately below.

3. Get Citation Help

Practice Applying the CRAAP Test

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