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ENG 3060 - Introduction to Literary Study: Finding Sources

Use this guide to find scholarly articles in literary criticism.

Suggested Databases & Resources

Wright State University Libraries Catalog: Find Books

To find criticism of authors and their works, search the University Libraries catalog using the author's name and the word criticism.

Example: virginia woolf and criticism

Books focusing on literature, criticism, and theory can be found in many places throughout the library's main collection, located on the 3rd Floor of Dunbar Library. The list of call numbers below are some of the more concentrated areas of the collection.

P: Language and Literature

PN: Literature (general)

PN 45-57: Theory

PN 80-99: Criticism

PR: English Literature

PS: American Literature

Database Search Strategies

Boolean Operators

Use Boolean Operators as a way to narrow or broaden your search:

AND: use to combine different concepts or keywords; each result will contain all search terms

Example: race AND libraries

OR: use to connect similar concepts or keywords; each result will contain at least one of the search terms

Example: medicine OR health

NOT: use to exclude words or concepts; tells the database to ignore concepts implied by your search

Example: technology NOT database

Parentheses ( ): place around related terms to search for more than one group of keywords

Example: (teaching OR education) AND race

 Asterisk *: use at the end of a keyword to search words that start with the same letters

Example: education AND librar*