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Holocaust Remembrance Month: Through Their Eyes: Children of the Holocaust

This guide showcases the materials in the Dayton Holocaust Resource Center that is highlighted in the Holocaust Remembrance Month display, available to visit on the 2nd floor of the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library.

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Month, the University Libraries is highlighting resources from the Dayton Holocaust Resource Center, a specialized collection within the Charles and Renate Frydman Educational Resource Center.

Through Their Eyes: Children of the Holocaust display highlights the experiences of children who survived the genocide of World War II. Visit the physical display in Paul Laurence Dunbar Library on the 2nd floor. 

We ask that you evaluate your mental health before, during, and after viewing this display and seek help if you need it. Wright State University Counseling and Wellness Services are available in 053 Student Union via appointment, phone (937-775-3407), and walk-in. 


  • Of the 1,600,000 Jewish children living in Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, only 100,000 Jewish children survived the Holocaust genocide (“Children During the Holocaust.”).


  • The total number of children lost during the Holocaust is equivalent to the population of the Hawaiian Islands. Only 1 in 16 children survived the Holocaust.


  • During the Kindertransport, nearly 10,000 Jewish children were rescued from Czechoslovakia, Germany, Poland, and Austria. 

Photograph taken during the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising, a boy holds his hands over his head while SS-Rottenführer Josef Blösche points a submachine gun in his direction

Photograph taken during the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising, a young boy holds his hands over his head while a Nazi soldier points a gun in the young boys' direction. 

  • The physical resources available in this display are organized by location of the child-survivors' experiences.

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Escape: Children of the Holocaust

Features seven true stories of brave boys and girls who lived through the Holocaust. Their compelling accounts are based on exclusive, personal interviews with the survivors: David Wolkowitz, Alicia Jurman, Halina Litman, Eddie Weinstein, Gideon Frieder, Hanci Hollander

David Wolkowitz: I won't let the Nazis take me! 
Alicia Jurman: I'll live to see you pay for your crimes! 
Halina Litman: Mama, it's the gas chamber. 
Eddie Weinstein: I'm not ready to die. 
Gideon Frieder: Run! Run for your lives! 
Hanci Hollander: I defeated them all ... and I'm still alive! 

Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust

Tells the stories of nine Jewish children who survived the Holocaust: Herbert Karliner, Luncia Gamzer, Markus Reich, George and Ursula Levy, Walter Ziffer, Sarah Engelberg, Mathei Jackel, and Jack Gruener.

Herbert Karliner: Is there no country in the entire world that will take us? 
Luncia Gamzer: What will happen to me now that the Nazis are here?  
Markus Reich: So, this is where I'm going to die. 
George and Ursula Levy: How can the stars seem so happy in this horrible place? 
Walter Ziffer: I am somebody! 
Sarah Engelberg: If they find us, they'll kill us. 
Mathei Jackel: I am a partisan now!  
Jack Gruener: No wonder they call this a death march.