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Search terms

When you are searching for information about a specific topic, it's important to begin by identifying the main ideas of your research topic. Once you've identified the main ideas of your topic, remember that there will be many different words that can be used to describe the main idea.  Think about synonyms of the words you start with, look at the abstracts, subject terms, and keywords of articles you find that are close to what you're researching and try those words in your searches.

Articles: best databases to use

Database searching is good for looking for materials on a specific topic in many different journals at the same time.  These databases don't use phrase searching, so be sure to break your searches into the main ideas or keywords. 

Primary Sources and News Databases

Primary sources are original documents created at the time of an event. These can include, among other sources, speeches, interviews, government documents, and press releases.  Also look for interviews and other sources that provide original information.

Also you can search for organizations' websites for activists' statements and field reports. When getting information from general internet searches, make sure you are critically evaluating the source and how best to use their information and statements. 


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