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Geography: Books

A research guide of recommended information resources for Geography research

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Human Geography

Physical Geography

Books: Browse Shelves by Library of Congress Subject Headings

G  1-922             Geography

G  65-69             Geographers

G 140                 Great Cities of the World

G  141                Historical Geography

G  575-890          Arctic and Antarctic

G  1100-3102       Atlases

GA 1-1776           Mathematical Geography.  Cartography

GA  101-1776      Cartography

GB  3-5030          Physical Geography

GB 400-649         Geomorphology.  Land Forms.  Terrain.

GB  651-2998       Hydrology

GB 5000-5030      Natural Disasters

GC  1-1581          Oceanography

GE  1-350            Environmental Sciences

GE  170-190        Environmental Policy

GF  1-900            Human Ecology.  Anthropogeography

GF  101-127        Settlements

GF  125              Cities

GR  1-950           Folklore

GT  1-7070          Manners and Customs



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