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Standards: 2 Order Standard

Order Standards With IHS Markit

WSU Students may order standards though IHS Markit for coursework.

1 Create IHS Account

2 Order Standard

3 Pick Up Order

Order Standard

WSU STUDENTS AND FACULTY MAY ORDER STANDARDS THROUGH IHS MARKIT.  This service is intended for student capstone projects and graduate research.  Use the following steps to order a standard with your WSU IHS Markit account.

1 - Login into your WSU IHS Markit Account

Log into your WSU IHS Markit account through the WSU Libraries website.  Select  IHS Engineering Workbench.

IHS Main Menu screen shot with pointer to IHS Standards Workbench

2 - Search for your standard

Search for your standard using the standard number or browse to the standard with search keywords.  Select the standard from the list.

IHW Markit Standard workbench screenshot with search term boxed and pointer to hyperlinked title of standard

3 - Select the electronic copy of the standard

The cart note will read, "This document is not included in your corporate subscription package."  Select electronic copy.  The first page of some standards may be available to preview before purchase.

Screenshot of IHS Markit document viewer with pointer to electronic copy link near top right.


4 - Checkout

After you have finished selecting standards choose Checkout.  The red note reading, "Your request has been submitted for approval," is premature.  Your order has not been sent yet.  Read and accept the End-User License Agreement.

IHS Markit cart screenshot with pointer to checkout in lower right corner

Note: First-time orders will require shipping address


If this is the first time you have placed an order you may get a message that says the order information is incomplete and that you must provide mailing information before you can proceed.  This message may display even if you have ordered an electronic copy of a standard.

Use the following Shipping Address.

Company Name: Wright State Univ. Library

Address 1: 3640 Colonel Glenn Highway

City: Dayton

State: Ohio

Zip Code: 45435

County: United States


5 - Continue Checkout

Verify that your order information is correct.   Choose the radio button for "Dayton - Greene County" to select the correct sales tax rate.  Click on Continue Checkout.

IHS Markit cart screenhsot with radio button for Dayton Greene County boxed and pointer to continue checkout bottom at the bottom of the screen

6 - Enter Order Justification

Enter the following information in the box labeled "Order Justification."  If you do not include all of these elements, your order will be rejected.



Group members: 

Project Title: 

Submit your order.

IHS Order cart conifirmation screenshot with highlighted order justification box and pointer to submit order button on bottom right


7 - View Order Confirmation - Wait for Approval

Your order is successful when you are able to view an invoice.  Your order must be approved before you can download the standard.  The Engineering Librarian may consult with your professor.   If your order is approved or rejected you will get an email from in your WSU email account.  Wait for approval.

Screenshot of finished invoice waiting approval

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