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Standards: 3 Pick Up Order

Order Standards With IHS Markit

WSU Students may order standards though IHS Markit for coursework.

1 Create IHS Account

2 Order Standard

3 Pick Up Order

Pick Up Order

WSU STUDENTS AND FACULTY MAY ORDER STANDARDS THROUGH IHS MARKIT.  This service is intended for student capstone projects and graduate research.  Use the following steps to pick up a standard after the order has been approved.

1 - Access your IHS Markit Account

There are two paths to pick up your standard. 

First, you may click on the link provided in the email message you received from  The link will take you to the invoice for your ordered standard.

Screenshot of email with pointer to link connecting to approved invoice


Second, open your IHS Markit account through the library website.  Choose Engineering Workbench.  At the workbench home page point to your account name in the upper right corner. Select Shopping Cart from the opened menu.

Screenshot of IHS Markit account page with top righ menu option open and pointer to shopping cart text

2 - Open "My Orders" Tab

Open either the "Shopping Cart" or "My Orders" tab.  Click on the standard number to open the standard.  You must agree to any licensing requirements before proceeding to the standard.

IHS Markit shopping cart screenshot of an approved invocie with arrow pointing to link in standard number to open the standard

3 - Download the Standard

Download the standard.  YOU MUST SAVE THE STANDARD WITHIN 5 DAYS OF THE ORDER APPROVAL.  If you wait longer you will not be able to use the standard.  Follow the End-User License Agreement when you use the standard.

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