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NUR 3200 - Health, Wellness, and Diversity Within Families: Culture Presentations

Librarian-recommended resources to help you with your assignments for NUR 3200.

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The links and tips on this page are intended to help you find useful scholarly sources for your culture group presentation. If you're still not sure how to get started or you're struggling to find what you need, email or schedule an appointment with Ximena.  

General Search Strategy Tips

If you have not watched the Stop Searching, Start Finding videos yet, consider watching them before you start your search. Parts 4, 5, and 6 review particularly relevant skills for database searching.

Culture Search tips

  • Use the catalog to find books.  Change collection to Dunbar Library to ensure that all ebooks listed will be available to you as a student.
  • Shorter search lines work better in the catalog. Databases can support longer search lines (so you can OR more synonyms together). 
  • In QuickSearch and other databases, limit to English language.
  • For articles about culture (including religions) or any topics that touch on a variety of disciplines, start in QuickSearch.  This will search many different databases across disciplines. in QuickSearch, SU looks for the word or phrase in the subject descriptors, which may help you focus in your search if you are getting too much.
  • Use specific keywords to address the aspect of the culture you need.  Refer to your professor's rubric or instructions and choose keywords that relate to what you need to learn about the group.
  • If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, ask Ximena for help.


Wright State University Library Catalog Search

Search the catalog:

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Databases: Find articles for your group culture presentation

Background Information about Religious Traditions

Search Strategy Examples - Scholarly Books and Articles about Religious Traditions

  • A variety of books and ebooks address various religious traditions and healthcare considerations for people of those faiths.  The catalog, limited to [collection] Dunbar Library will display what we have.

Example searches: religio* and cultur* and (health* or illness* or healing)

(islam* or muslim*) and cultur* and (health* or illness* or healing)

  • You can also use the same or similar search strategies in QuickSearch and the databases.
  • Try browsing some of the online reference sources on the Cultures & Countries page.  Several of these sources contain information about the dominant and minority religious beliefs in particular countries.

Note: QuickSearch and most other databases are NOT case sensitive, so you do NOT need to capitalize the proper names of religions when searching the databases.  However, you will still need to capitalize them when typing in a PowerPoint presentation or paper.

NUR 3200 - Example Searches on Religious Traditions

These searches are to give you possible ideas.  This is not an exhaustive list of strategies; you can formulate your search in many different ways and still find useful results.

(anabaptist* or amish or mennonite*) and (health* or healing or illness*)

(church of jesus christ of latter day saints or "lds church" or mormon*) and 

(judaism or jewish) AND visit* AND ( ill* or sick* ) 

jehovah's witness* and (health* or medic* or illness* or healing or transfusion* or alternative therap* or hospital*)

hindu* and 

(islam* or muslim*) and 

(roman catholic* or catholic*) and 

Note: An * at the end of a part of the word means tells the database to search variations on the word ending that come after that symbol.

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