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Where to Look?

If you need Then Try These Which you'll find here

Factual summary of events (e.g., key players, relevant dates, major events, etc)

Commonly-accepted knowledge

Subject-specific encyclopedias

Sage Reference Online

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Encyclopedia of Social Work

Broad, but in-depth, overview Books Library catalog
Analysis of a particular aspect of an issue, trends that have resulted from an event, or theoretical explanations

Scholarly articles

Some think tank reports

Subscription databases

Targeted Google searches

Facts and details about events as they happen Newspapers

News websites and aggregators


Government agencies

Think Tanks

Targeted Google searches


Articles: best databases to use

Note that these are just some of the databases that will be useful for you as you look for scholarly journal articles. The databases you use will depend on what your specific topic is. For example, if you are looking at violence again elderly women, you might want to include Ageline. If you are looking at issues of public policy, you might want to include Public Affairs Index. When you log into a database, select "choose databases" above the search bar to see what some of the various options are.

Subject Specific Encyclopedias

Websites mentioned in class

Questions? Ask your librarian!

Ask Us

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Mind Mapping

There are many different online tools for mind mapping, some of which are listed below. You can also create mind maps with pen and paper, white boards, or post-it notes. 

Mind maps can be useful for narrowing your research topic, developing focus, and organizing information.