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ALAO 2022: Remember: Poster

This is a virtual landing page for Beth Anderson and Heather Back's poster presented at the 2022 Academic Library Association of Ohio

Dayton Holocaust Resource Center

Image of DHRC collection with blue paint and Holocaust survivor quotes on the walls.

The DHRC is an education, non-profit with the goal of supporting K-12 teachers and schools’ inclusion of the Holocaust into their curriculum.​

​In April, the local Jewish community remembers Yom HaShoah to commemorate the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust and the support of rescuers and liberators.

The University Libraries commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Month by sharing resources within the collection with our multi-location displays.


Dr. Renate Frydman standing in front of DHRC shelves smiling and holding book, Anschel's Story.

Dr. Renate Frydman is a Holocaust survivor educating others about the Holocaust and ways to combat hate.

Dr. Frydman founded and directs the Dayton Holocaust Resource Center, housed in the Charles and Renate Frydman Educational Resource Center at Wright State University's Paul Laurence Dunbar Library.

Student Success and Education Librarian

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Heather Back
Dunbar Library 120
(937) 775-3515

Through Their Eyes​: Holocaust Remembrance Month Display Series​

Through Their Eyes Children of the Holocaust standing display with blue banner along the top

Through Their Eyes: Children of the Holocaust Holocaust Remembrance Month display.

Bulletin board of Through Their Eyes Faces of the Holocaust

Through Their Eyes: Faces of the Holocaust Holocaust Remembrance Month bulletin board.

Kristallnacht book display with buttons and bookmarks

Through Their Eyes: Faces of the Holocaust Holocaust Remembrance Month book display.

Further Reading

Reviewed Literature


Vicarious Trauma and Self Care by Counseling and Wellness Services, Wright State University, blue floral boarder

Due to the sensitive content of the collection, Counseling and Wellness Services created and sourced resources to support those working with the materials. 

Similar materials were added to the display, encouraging viewers to reflect on their experiences with the content and seek additional support if needed.​

Discussion questions are added to the display's sibling LibGuide to encourage self-reflection while interacting with the materials.


OneDrive screenshot showing display content organization system.

Materials created or sourced for addition to the physical display are laminated, tagged, and added to an organization system for future use.​

The sourced materials are organized digitally in the team's OneDrive for long-term storage and findability.

The physical materials have the same organizational structure as the digital material.

Educational Technology Specialist

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Beth Anderson
Dunbar Library 210A
(937) 775-3144
Subjects: LEAP