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LDR 7300 - Research Methods: Organize

This guide includes library resources and library instruction support for the Research Methods class.

Organize Your Searching

Use the following organizational tools to help you throughout the literature search process. When you read articles, it's helpful to think about them in the context of your research question, theory, and hypothesis. These documents allow you to compile details about your sources, such as citation information, purpose, methodologies, implications, and critiques. The documents can also help with identifying similarities and themes between articles and authors.

What is a DOI?

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier.  It is a persistent, unique number that identifies a piece of online or digital information, such as a journal article, a chapter in an online book, a data set, a map, and so on.  Students most often encounter DOIs when they're citing journal articles.  Keep in mind that not every journal article will have a DOI assigned to it!  Look for the DOI on the first page of the article, either at the top or bottom.  You need to include them in your citation as they are very helpful when trying to locate the article later.

If you don't see the DOI:

Visit CrossRef.ORG

Search for the article to find the article's DOI.

Citation Management System

A citation management system can help you organize, manage, and annotate your references when working on projects or assignments. Below are some examples.

Note: There are free versions of the below-mentioned citation management systems.

Purple background with white sticky note. Orange quotation mark in the top left corner of the white sticky note

Video Tutorials: Citation Management System

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