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Creating a Research Poster: CORE Scholar

Use this guide to assist in the creation of your poster for the Celebration of Research.

CORE Scholar

CORE Scholar is an institutional repository sponsored by Wright State University Libraries and managed by the Digital Initiatives and Repository Services department. The institutional repository collects and makes available the scholarly output of WSU faculty, staff, and students as well as local, regional, and WSU heritage material. The goal of CORE Scholar is to provide open access and worldwide exposure to Wright State’s unique research and collections.

As a student you can submit your research poster to be added to CORE Scholar. 

Visit the Symposium of Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities page to see what other posters have been submitted and to submit yours!



When submitting your research poster to CORE Scholar, make sure the document is accessible to screen readers - this can be done in both PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat. It is recommended that you check accessibility using BOTH software.

Follow the steps below to verify accessibility:

  1. In PowerPoint, click on the REVIEW tab
  3. The Accessibility Checker side-bar will open.
  4. If there are any issues, they will be listed by category. 
    • Make sure to include alternative text (alt-text) for every image and graph. 
  5. After checking and fixing any accessibility issues identified in PowerPoint, save your poster as a PDF
  6. Open the PDF of your poster in Adobe Acrobat Pro 
  7. Under the TOOLS menu, click Accessibility
  8. In the left side-bar that appears, click FULL CHECK and click Start Checking
    • This will run a full accessibility check, including tags, title, and alt-text. 
  9. In the right side-bar, there will be a list of any issues detected: FIX as needed
  10. To check the reading order of your poster, click ORDER (the second icon from the bottom on the left side-bar)
  11. Verify that each element of your poster is numbered correctly - making sure that images are labeled and nested under their appropriate section.