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DeStress for Success: DeStress Station

Virtual Home for DeStress for Success in the library. Click through the tabs to DeStress with us.

Dunbar Library from Wright State University Libraries' DeStress for Success puts the R and R in Library. DeStress has a permanent year round station on the 1st floor.

Mindful Posters

This work is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 

Mindful rest and break ideas to recharge, including stretching, listening to an encouraging song, reading a book, or eating a healthy snack.

Mindful breathing techniques, including tracing shapes or fingers while breathing in and out.

Gratitude Jar

Be grateful for what you have, and you will soon have more to be grateful for.

I am so happy and grateful for... 

What is something you're grateful for?

Zen Zone

Answer the prompt associated with the number that you spun on the wheel.

1. Write about what you are feeling at this very moment. What events led to your feeling?


2. Draw a picture of what is upsetting you. Write a sentence about what the drawing makes you feel.


3. Who is someone you want to talk to right now about why you are upset? What advice would they give you?


4. Take a deep breath. Draw a picture of your favorite activity. Then write a sentence about how you feel.


5. If you are upset, heat-of-the-moment decisions may not be the best. How could you have handled the situation differently?


6. Take a deep breath. Is there something upsetting you that you need to let go of? Write it and a plan of action.


7. What just occurred? Pretend you’re an outsider to the event. Write what you would have seen or experienced.


8. Write one word to describe each emotion. What is one thing that make you happy, sad, angry, scared?


9. When upset at home or alone, what do you do to make yourself feel better? What could you do at school or work when upset?


10. If you could change anything that recently happened, what would it be and why?


11. Write a letter to the person with your side of the story. What happened and why did you react the way you did? Use as many facts possible.


12. Did you learn anything from what happened? If not, think back. We can always learn something from difficult moments.