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DeStress for Success: #FuzzTherapy

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4 Paws for Ability

Did you know that 4 Paws for Ability shared Facebook Lives introducing the puppy litters?

Facebook Live introduction to the Presidents litter born on March 10, 2020.

Facebook Live introducing the #4PawsStrong Litter born on March 28, 2020!

Facebook live introducing the Inspiration Litter. The puppies in the Inspiration Litter were born March 30, 2020.

Facebook live introducing and playing with the Pokémon litter. Don't you want to catch 'em all and snuggle them?

Hear about how the Koolaid Litter is growing and what they've been learning while they play in this Facebook Live.

Below are links to more 4 Paws for Ability Facebook Live videos!

Librarian Pups

Maggie and Richard Perry's Wicket

picture of Wicket the yorkie pup sitting in blankets

Jane Wildermuth's Buddy

picture of a miniature schnauzer with a bandanna on

Kayla Hennis's Emma

picture of a puppy looking up to the camera

Leigh Duncan's Jasper

picture of a pup looking into the distance

Leigh Duncan's Mazie

picture of a shiba-inu mix looking into the distance

Ximena Chrisagis's Taffy

picture of a fluffy, miniature poodle looking up into the camera

Ran Raider's Zoe and Yoshi

two shiba-inu pups walking side-by-side on a sidewalk

Barb Conklin's grand-pup, Ein

picture of a long-haired chihuahua sitting on a blanket

Other Librarian Furry Friends

Lisa Bleeke's Annie and Hallie

image of two kitties sitting on a pillow

Shannon Michalak's Shadow

picture of a gray kitty sitting on a chair in the sun

Mandy Shannon's Reeses

picture of a brown guinea pig in the grass

Bill Stolz's Larry

picture of a kitty up close

Bill Stolz's Roxie Mae

picture of a fluffy kitty laying on a chair

Carol Fang and Brian Olesko's Hossie and Smokey

picture of two kitties cuddling together on mulch next to a bush

Joanna Anderson's Big Boy

picture of a long-haired kitty sitting on a wooden floor

Joanna Anderson's CiCi, Tommy, and Honey

a beagle, short-haired calico kitty, and tabby cat sitting on a couch

Joanna Anderson's Minnie

small kitty laying on a desk

Joanna Anderson's Momma

picture of a calico kitty laying on a lawn chair