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Here you can find short introductions on how to navigate different library resources.

Citing Your Sources

Part 1: Citation Basics (2:33)

Part 2: Beyond Plagiarism (3:53)

Part 3: When Should I Cite a Source? (3:36)

Part 4: When Not to Cite (1:27)

Part 5: How Do I Cite? (4:18)

If you're unsure of which video you need, browse the titles and short summaries below. 

Part 1: Citation Basics 

An overview to what citations are and why different academic disciplines use different formats.

View Video | Total watch time: 2:33

Part 2: Beyond Plagiarism

Discover the benefits to citing your sources for more than avoiding plagiarism.

View Video | Total watch time: 3:53

Part 3: When Should I Cite a Source?

Guidelines for uses of different types of information that need cited.

View Video | Total watch time: 3:36

Part 4: When Not to Cite

Guidelines for instances in academic writing that do not need citations.

View Video  | Total watch time: 1:27

Part 5: How Do I Cite?

Rather than memorizing a whole style guide, we recommend being familiar with the resources that can direct you to the information you need.

View Video | Total watch time: 4:18