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Here you can find short introductions on how to navigate different library resources.

Integrating Your Sources

Part 1: Introduction (1:43)

Part 2: Finding Your Process (3:27)

Part 3: Starting the Conversation (3:13)

Part 4: Using Sources Successfully (4:27)

If you're unsure of which video you need, browse the titles and short summaries below. 

Part 1: Introduction

Understand what integrating resources is and why we cite sources.

View Video | Total watch time: 1:43

Read Transcript (PDF)


Part 2: Finding Your Process

Introduce note-taking strategies for academic reading and how annotations can help you engage critically with a text.

View Video | Total watch time: 2:04

Read Transcript (PDF)

Part 3: Starting the Conversation

Join the scholarly conversation through incorporating alternative and competing narratives and integrating multiple sources to support a conclusion.

View Video | Total watch time: 3:13

Read Transcript (PDF)

Part 4: Using Sources Successfully

Learn the basics of integrating sources through summarizing, paraphrasing, and using direct quotations.

View Video | Total watch time: 3:26

Read Transcript (PDF)