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Here you can find short introductions on how to navigate different library resources.

Detecting CRAAP: Evaluating Information Sources

Part 1: Introduction (2:59)

Part 2: Currency (2:01)

Part 3: Relevance (4:01)

Part 4: Accuracy (4:00)

Part 5: Authority (3:41)

Part 6: Purpose (3:40)

Part 7: Wrap-Up (1:05)

If you're unsure of which video you need, browse the titles and short summaries below. 

Evaluating Information Sources Part 1

Part 1: Introduction


What is The CRAAP Test? And the importance of using evaluative criteria when encountering information.

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Total watch time: 2:59

Evaluating Information Sources Part 2

Part 2: Currency


Explores the importance of the timeliness of information in evaluating it.

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Total watch time: 2:01

Evaluating Information Sources Part 3

Part 3: Relevance


With an abundance of information available, we help identify the importance of finding and focusing on information that relates to your topic or question.

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Total watch time: 4:01

Evaluating Information Sources Part 4

Part 4: Accuracy


Guidelines for helping ascertain whether the information you find is reliable, truthful, and correct.

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Total watch time: 4:00

Evaluating Information Sources Part 5

Part 5: Authority


Guidelines for determining if the author of information is qualified to be considered a trustworthy source.

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Total watch time: 3:41

Evaluating Information Sources Part 6

Part 6: Purpose


All information that is shared, is shared for a reason. In this video we help you consider how the purpose of the information might inform how you use it.

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Total watch time: 3:40

Evaluating Information Sources Part 7

Part 7: Wrap-Up


To conclude, we provide some take-away tips to evaluate information using The CRAAP Test as a starting point.

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Total watch time: 1:05