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NUR 7005 - Nursing Research and Evidence for Practice: Home

A guide to help you locate the best evidence for clinical questions.


ALL available videos are included in the center column of this page, both the recommended and the optional videos.  Optional videos are clearly labelled in OPTIONAL in the box title.  You may find it more helpful if you access these videos using the separate tabs labelled with * instead (that is, the "SEARCH TIPS" and each of the 4 "SEARCH VIDEO" tabs) separately, where the recommended content is listed above the optional content.

More research guides

AJN Series: Evidence-Based Practice: Step by Step

These persistent links allow Wright State University users to access these articles through WSU's subscription to AJN. Note: If off campus, you will be prompted for your campus w number and password before being taken to the article.

This collection of articles was authored by faculty from the Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health Innovation's Center for the Advancement of Evidence-Based Practice and published in the American Journal of Nursing (AJN)

About Scholarly Articles and Finding Professional Nursing and Healthcare Articles

Strategies for Effective Searching, Part 1 (length: 4:37)

Strategies for Effective Searching, Part 2 (length: 6:08)

CINAHL: Keyword Searching Using PICO (length: 2:43)

CINAHL: Broadening Your Search (length: 3:05)

OPTIONAL - CINAHL - MeSH/Subject Heading Searching from EBSCO Support (length: 3:32)

This video from EBSCO shows how to start searching CINAHL Subject Headings from scratch.  It does not use a PICO question example, but you can use the same process to identify subject headings for any of the keyword elements of your PICO(T) question.

NLM PubMed Interactive Tutorial: Find Articles on a Topic (approximate length: 1:00)

Find Articles on a Topic: Interactive Tutorial

Tutorial credit: U.S. National Library of Medicine

NLM PubMed Interactive Tutorial: PubMed Subject Search: How It Works (approximate length: 4:00)

PubMed Subject Search: How It Works

Tutorial credit: U.S. National Library of Medicine

OPTIONAL - Use MeSH to Build a Better PubMed Query (from NCBI)

This National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) video demonstrates how to build a search from scratch using MeSH.  Although it is not a search on a PICO(T) question, the same process can be used to determine if there are relevant Medical Subject Headings for your population, intervention, comparison, and/or outcome.

Mental Health-related topics only - Sample PsycINFO Search and How (and Why) to Use the APA Thesaurus When Searching PsycINFO via EBSCOhost

You can preform a keyword/phrase search of PsycINFO using the PICO elements of your question as the search concepts, but you could also make your search more relevant by using subject headings for each aspect of your PICO question.  This video illustrates a sample search of a generic research question in PsycINFO using subject headings instead of plain keywords and phrases.  

Although keyword and phrase searching often works well for PICO questions, it may not be enough to identify all the most relevant and current evidence for every clinical question or topic.  You may have to do a subject headings search.

This video demonstrates how to search the PsycINFO indexing terms (also known as the thesaurus).  This process performs the same function as using CINAHL Subject Headings in CINAHL or Medical Subject Headings in PubMed, although the indexing terms used from database to database can vary even if you are searcing the same topic.

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