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Using the Information You Find for Literature Searches

Consider using one or more of these worksheets to help you use the information you gather as you do research for a more polished, clear literatue review.

Scholarly sources and where to find them

Scholarly articles are written by professors, scholars, or other experts in a field and are written for other experts.  They are published in scholarly/academic/peer-reviewed journals.  They are evaluated by other experts before they are published to ensure that they are of high quality. You can access scholarly articles in the research databases. For more information on evaluating scholarly articles, check out  Anatomy of a Scholarly Article.

Data sets and where to find them

Primary Sources and where to find them

Primary sources are original documents created at the time of an event. These can include, among other sources, speeches, interviews, government documents, and press releases. In addition to the resources listed below, check the websites of governments or other entities you're researching for their statements and position papers.  Also look for interviews and other sources that provide original information.

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