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Do you need raw data to use in a statistical program like SPSS, PASW, SAS or STATA?  Try these sources:

Information about the Statistical Data Resources Guide

Statistical data can be found from a variety of sources, government and commercial.  The following Library Guide is just a selection of some of the data sources you can use for your presentations, reports and papers.  It is recommended that you contact our reference staff for additional assistance in finding statistical data. 

Why Can't I Find My Data?

Some of the reasons you may not find the data you need are:

The question wasn't asked - Looking at the questionnaire that was used to gather data is a simple way to check this.  The Census Bureau includes questionnaires on their websites and in many print publications. 

Confidentiality and Data Protection - the Census Bureau suppresses data that can be identified with a specific individual or business.  This usually affects data for small geographic areas.  For more information, see the Data Stewardship and Privacy Program.

The data was not/has not been released - Look for  release schedules.  Examples:

  • American Community Survey Release Schedule Edit/Delete Quick Stats
  • Economic Indicator Release Schedule Edit/Delete Quick Stats
  • Data Protection and Privacy Edit/Delete Quick Stats
    The Census Bureau takes confidentiality very seriously. (They do not share information with the IRS!) They do not publish data in any context that would allow information about an individual person or company to be derived. (A simple example: if there are three individuals in a category, the Census Bureau will not publish a total, because two of the individuals could get together and subtract their data to learn the information about the third.)

Some government agencies have cut data collection programs.  Visit their web sites for more information.

How to Get Reference Help

For reference help, ask at the Information Desk on the second floor of Dunbar Library (937-775-2925).

You can schedule an appointment with the government and legal information coordinator.  Contact information is on the right.

Chat reference service is also available through the Ask a Librarian page.


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