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The Student Technology Assistance Center

   The Student Technology Assistance Center in the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library provides Wright State students with the tools to make productive use of new information technologies.

   In the STAC, students can create original academic and creative works using either Windows or Macintosh computers and the latest software applications. They can also transform traditional materials such as printed documents, photographs, and analog media into digital formats and use these digital files to produce new information products.

 The STAC is dedicated to providing students with new ways of using information and preparing students for a lifetime of learning in an increasingly technological world.

The Library also has a wide array of multimedia technology to borrow for projects. This includes green screens, cameras, tripods and zoom recorders




Students using the STAC can create technology-enhanced presentations that communicate ideas effectively.


High-quality scanners capture information and photographs. These digital files can be manipulated and placed into presentations and projects.

Video Production

Video stations allow students to capture video and sound from many sources. Once captured, the information can be revised and refined with editing software.

Web Design

All current Wright State students can create their very own personal web space. The STAC features several web design software packages that allow for simple web site construction or advanced HTML.


The STAC is equipped with a state-of-the-art recording suite called Studio A  that allows students to listen, produce, and distribute all types of podcasts.

Music Production

Students using the STAC can create original, license-free compostions with music production software.


The STAC supports a variety of storage options. Students may use all common storage media to archive and share information.

A Note To Faculty

Multimedia projects provide interesting and valuable learning experiences to all WSU students.

The STAC can assist your students in developing up-to-date technology skills that enhance education.

Call today and find out how we can help.

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