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SM 1010 - Scientific Literacy for the 21st Century: Articles

Library support for SM 1010 Lab Reports

Start with appropriate keywords

Using the right keywords cuts down on the number of results you retrieve. In other words, it saves time!

While working on your mealworm lab report, the following search terms should be useful for searching in QuickSearch:

  • mealworm* and light
  • "meal worm*" and light

These keywords may also be useful:

  • larvae
  • tenebrio


Other tips:

  • Place * at the end of a root word to search all forms of the word at once. In this case, mealworm and mealworms.
  • Place quotes around any words you want to keep together in exact order. "Meal worm*" searches for the exact phrase meal worm and the exact phrase meal worms at the same time. If you searched for meal worm without the quotes, the database would retrieve articles for meal plan and worm compost, for example. 

Use QuickSearch to find articles

Peer review explained

Brief but excellent video from North Carolina State University explains what peer review is and why it is important.

To find peer-reviewed articles in QuickSearch, choose Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals to the left of your results.  Ask a librarian if you need help.

Ask your librarian!

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