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Tests and Measurements: Obtaining Copies of Tests

Find Tests & Measurements in Psychology and Related areas

Obtaining copies of tests

Published tests: Published tests & measurements should be purchased directly from the publisher. Indexes of publishers can be found in the Mental Measurements Yearbook, Tests in Print, Test Critiques, and other sources.  Most test publishers can be found on the web.

Unpublished tests If you are having a hard time finding a test, it is probably unpublished. An unpublished test can usually be obtained by contacting the researcher who created it.  If you plan to use an unpublished test in your own research you should first get permission from the author of the test.

NOTE: The library database PsycTESTS is the best way to search for complete copies of psychological tests and measurements, including unpublished tests.  PsycTESTS was created by the American Psychological Association to be a complete reference source for tests and measurements used in research.  If PsycTESTS does not contain the test you need try the two part strategy below.

A Quick Two-Part Strategy for Locating Copies of Unpublished Tests

Complete copies of many unpublished tests can be found in journal articles and in reference books known as test compilations.

  1. Use TestLink to find tests in journal articles. The TestLink database from Educational Testing Services (ETS) includes information on more than 25,000 tests.  If your test is included in TestLink look in the “Availability” field of the database record.  If a journal article is listed your test will be included in the journal article.
  2. Use Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences to find tests in test compilations. Test compilations are a great place to find complete copies of tests.  Helen Hough, from the University of Texas, has created an electronic index of tests available in test compilations.  If you find your test in a test compilation check the library catalog to see if the book is available on campus or through OhioLink borrowing.  If the compilation is not available use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request it.
    Search hint:  When searching Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences you must enter the phrase "compilation volumes" (with the quotation marks included) next to your search terms so that you only search the resource and not the entire University of Texas website.

See the APA FAQ on psychological tests for more tips on obtaining both published and unpublished Tests & Measurements.

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