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In-Class Assessment

Best Databases to Use

Person typing on laptop.

Wright State University Database Searching

  • Using Boolean Operators as a way to narrow or broaden your search:

AND: use to combine different concepts or keywords; each result will contain all search terms

Example: libraries AND education

OR: use to connect similar concepts or keywords; each result will contain at least one of the search terms

Example: teach OR educate

Quotation Marks " ": place around phrases to search for words in that exact order or with that exact spelling

Example: "higher education"

Parentheses ( ): place around related terms to search for more than one group of keywords

Example: (teach OR educate) AND libraries

 Asterisk *: use at the end of a keyword to search words that start with the same letters

Example: holocaust AND (educat* OR teach*)

Searching for Education Journals

Find It

How would you find this article if all you had was this citation?

Thompson, H. R., Duvall, J., Padrez, R., Rosekrans, N., & Madsen, K. A. (2016). The impact of moderate-vigorous intensity physical education class immediately prior to standardized testing on student test-taking behaviors. Mental Health and Physical Activity, 11, 7-12. 

How do you search in this journal for an article?

Perspectives in Education

Google Scholar Library Link

Google Scholar works even better when you have it connected to your library. Set up your library link and get results that are accessible through the library.

  1. Click Library Link
  2. Type Wright State in the Library Access Links Search Bar
  3. Click Search 
  4. Check the box next to Wright State University-Full Text
  5. Click Save and start searching!