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Leadership Studies Subject Guide

Best Databases to Use

This is not a comprehensive list. These are starting points for your research - don't rule out other non-social sciences databases! Leadership Studies is multidisciplinary and so your search needs to encompass a variety of subject areas.

How can I access electronic journal articles?

You must be a current Wright State University student or employee to use the resources remotely. Access resources through the University Libraries' website and use your campus username (e.g. w012abc) and password to log in to your library account.

Once you are on the library's website, begin searching in QuickSearch or another database. If you find an article, book, or another resource but cannot find the full-text, Ask a Librarian for help finding access to the resource.


Vetting Journals

When determining whether to use a journal's article for your research, search the title of the journal and check the publication guidelines, about, mission, or vision.

Here is a list of things to check for:

Search for the journal in the database below for a snapshot of the journal:

Summarizing and Synthesizing Articles for Literature Reviews

Consider using one or all of the worksheets to help you use the information you gather as you do research for a more polished, clear literatue review.

Web of Science Tutorials

Ask Us

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Google Scholar Library Link

Google Scholar works even better when you have it connected to your library. Set up your library link and get results that are accessible through the library.

  1. Click Library Link
  2. Type Wright State in the Library Access Links Search Bar
  3. Click Search 
  4. Check the box next to Wright State University-Full Text
  5. Click Save and start searching!